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Dec 6, 2013 4:30am EST
hope it will show the economy added 180,000 jobs last month. if that is the case many experts believe it could signal the job market is picking up speed. they expect it to dip to 7.2%. >>> also today security will be tight around parts of downtown washington as people from around the world watch the annual lighting of the national christmas tree. megan mcgrath is live with what you need to know. megan? >> reporter: well, eun, the big show gets under way at 5:00 tonight. there's a preshow that starts at 4:30 this afternoon. all-star lineup. mariah carey, aretha franklin, all performing as part of the show. now i'm joined by jennifer with the national park service. talk a little bit about this year's show and i should mention right now we're showing video from last year. >> oh, terrific. thank you for coming to one of america's national parks. we're gearing up for the 91st annual christmas tree lighting. we expect mariah carey, aretha franklin, arturo sandoval and folks can go to nationalparks.0 org to see the full lineup. let's just say that it will be in stark contrast to the gloomy w
Dec 8, 2013 6:00am EST
businesses that are trying to make it in this economy, dave is this. >> there continues to be the argument, though, that if you do raise the minimum wage, not owned directly by mcdonalds, run by other people and would have to maybe lay off people, the argument goes or do automation. a lot of people are making that argument, even people that you would think would be on the other side of the aisle. that's obviously, i'm told by the people i talk to, something you have to think about. on the other hand, in this area, if the district and montgomery county are raising a modest increase in minimum wage, that would be a good thing, i'm told. you couldn't go from montgomery to get a better deal and d.c., back and forth. the question is, what is verge yain going to do? >> across the board, i've said it all the time. somehow both sides, those who don't want to raise minimum wage and those who do will have to come to some kind of compromise. the reason i'm saying that, last week we had the biggest road test of people walking offer the job. >> so we're doing food drives for walmart workers, o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2